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Everti Constituam

Ut enim ad minim veniam, quis nostrud exercitation ullamco laboris nisi ut aliquip ex ea commodo consequat.

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Id Essent Cetero

Quodsi docendi sed id. Ea eam quod aliquam epicurei, qui tollit inimicus partiendo cu ei. Nisl consul expetendis at duo, mea ea ceteros constituam.

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Introduction to exercise at high temperature

Introducción al ejercicio a alta temperatura

The early arrival of warm weather has caught many by surprise. So much so that even one of the personal trainers of Performa, triathlon competitor, the day could not work because of heat stroke suffered the day before during a workout. Myths and false beliefs without scientific support, often pr[......]

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Tips for Choosing gym

claves para elegir gimnasio

Good weather come the idea that we should do something to improve our condition in a surprisingly begins to emerge. It seems that so optimized that state could only benefit when it’s hot. In any case, either by the proximity of the summer, or because this is the moment chosen by a reader to find[......]

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Why not do squats


The traditional squat is one of those exercises that seem untouchable. The moment someone tries to remove it from its training programs, especially if it is a professional coach, seems to have lost his mind. It is protected by the force of tradition, the world’s largest lobbying aimed at keeping[......]

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Exercise and Heat Acclimation


In the previous post we introduced the importance of learning to deal with the heat if we keep performing at or at least preserve security.

In the article at hand we will specifically address acclimatization and this according to the most current scientific knowledge important factors to cons[......]

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Exercise and … Where is the limit?


Some time ago I wrote a post about the harmful health effects that might have excessive exercise, more specifically, high strength training. Since then there have been numerous studies add further evidence to the existing at that time. This post serves as an update to that already published in O[......]

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